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Marry Us In... is a wedding and styling event service. Our name reflects just what it says, Marry Us In... New York, London, Paris, Rome, or even your hometown. Based in Washington, DC we absolutely love to travel so that means we come to you to plan your special day . We are with you from the very first moment we speak to the moment your last guest leaves your event. We work with hand selected and experienced professionals to make your unique wedding day come true.

 Our creative director and founder Elle Chandler realizes that no two people are alike and that means no two weddings should be either. This is why every event is unique. Everyone deserves to have the wedding of your dreams. All of our services will be custom-made to accommodate your needs and budget


Every engagement has a story. Your story must be beautiful and that moment must be one for the books.  The way you propose is a moment that will be forever be a memory that your partner will never forget and will be excited to share with  family, friends, children, and grandchildren.  Marry US In  will ensure the memory is perfect. We will be there with you ever step you take.

Your first step will consist of a one on one interview with you to get to know you and your future partner. Afterwards  we provide you with unique and personalized proposal ideas that we create just for you. Once the dream proposal idea is decided, we bring the proposal to life.  Let us help you tell your story with a beautiful proposal to start with.


Our most elegant and stress free package, which includes planning and designing your event from start to finish.  We are with you from the very first moment until your last guest leaves the party.  This elegant and stress free  package is ideal for busy, hard working couples who want to have the wedding of their dreams, but don't have the demanding time to invest in all of the details and logistics that go into it. That's where we come in! Marry Us In  will work with you closely to select the perfect venue and, unique design for your wedding day,we handle it all with our all-star  team that fits your style and budget, our goal is to  keep you on track and informed throughout the planning process, and fully manage the production of your wedding until your last guest leaves. 


For couples who have booked their venue,but need help with remaining planning and design tasks. We will guide you through your wants ,dreams, and needs to make your event happen and provide you with smooth transition into making sure your involved but with out the stress and hassle of working with vendors. Let us work the issues and make it magical.


The best service for a couple who likes to be hands on with planning, but needs a professional to step in as the final months

approach. Two/three months before wedding day, we will handle working  with your vendors, confirm final orders, setup logistics and prepare your wedding day timeline. Relax and enjoy those final weeks!

 We will ensure your decor and details are set up perfectly and every aspect of your event is stress free. Again we are here for you. Relax and let Marry Us In take care of everything that is left.


We begin the planning process by scheduling a time to meet or chat to get a feeling of your vision, and learn more about you and what you expect for your day.

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We create a personalized design board for your special day based on your vision, budget and discussion. Making your unique wedding experience just for you.

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We bring your vision to life with our trusted and experienced designers. We turn your vision and dreams into a reality for memories that last a lifetime.

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